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Welcome to Surya Sedona Yoga & Hiking!  My name is Breanna, and I ventured onto this path to share the beautiful, healing, transformative practice of yoga with as many people as possible, as well my love for hiking & the beautiful natural landscape of Sedona I am so blessed to call home.  Surya Sedona Yoga & Hiking is a member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and is permitted with the Coconino National Forest.  With 19 years yoga training and 10 years leading backpack trips in the Sierra Nevada of California, it is my pleasure to lead fellow seekers throughout the Red Rock Country along with guided yoga practice.  The energy in Sedona is amazing, and the scenery truly breathtaking.  Check out the private yoga & hike offerings and be in touch to set up your amazing Red Rock Yoga experience!!  Hope you find the right spiritual, nourishing, healing practices and guides in Sedona.  May you feel true peace, love & joy - find all that you seek & more....beyond your wildest dreams!!! 

Contact me to find out more & develop a practice or hike experience perfect for you right now!!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you!  Om Shanti Shanti Shanti - May there be Peace, Peace, Perfect Peace....Namaste.

We enjoyed every bit of it.  This hike/yoga session was the highlight of our 11 night trip from Sedona to the Grand Canyon to Monument Vally to Big Sky, MT to Glacier National Park.  We would have loved to had something similar available at each of our stops.  Thanks Breanna!  Susan & Nicky
~ Susan Cummings & Nicky Woods, Baltimore, MD

My husband and I went to Sedona for a Yoga-Hike to celebrate my 60th Birthday. I wanted to do something special to embrace this new decade that I really looked forward to. I was about to merge my business of 23 yrs with another company that would allow me to cut back to 3 days/wk and begin to truly experience other interests. My husband Ray and I have been practicing yoga for 2 yrs and I had read about Sedona and the spiritual energy surrounding the area. I found Breanna via Internet - Surya Sedona Yoga and Hiking. I left her an email and she personally called me!! I told her about my upcoming 60th and that I wanted to do something special to embrace the day. Yoga and Hiking to one of the vortexes was of interest. She asked about myself and my husband so she could make it a special experience. She suggested Cathedral Rock and gave us directions of where to meet her. The experience was beyond my expectation!! As she guided us to the top of Cathedral Rock, she wanted to know all about us and shared herself as well. By the time we reached the top I felt I had met a very good friend. We sat at the top for awhile where she shared a mantra with us and we meditated for awhile. The energy was AMAZING and I asked my husband if I was imagining this or if he felt it too. He said he felt something very positive. The views were SPECTACULAR! We later walked down to a flatter area where she guided us through a Yoga session - UNBELIEVABLE - on the ROCKS! We spent 3½ hrs with Breanna
and it was beyond my expecation. I was on this indescribable high following this hike and have to admit almost 8 mos later whenever I think about it I feel both energized and peaceful!
I will plan to visit Sedona again soon and experience all of the Vortexes with Breanna as my Guide!
Thank you Breanna for giving me the gift!
~ Gretchen

We enjoyed all, though each in its own way.  The first outing was very moving for me, the second grounding and the third calming.  For Johnny, his favorite was hiking which made yoga more interesting & whole experience.  Thank you Breanna!  Enjoyed your company, highly polished yoga skills, your warm nature & loving energy.
~ Dr. & Mrs. Johnny Sandaire, New York

During Vinyasa, the feeling of being "grounded" into the red rock energy.  Breanna relaxed my legs/arms/shoulders and my body melted into the rock energy for the ending of Yoga on the red rocks.  The hike & climbing to top of Bell Rock -- a grand memory.  I felt my body was tense and rusty being on vacation (out of home routine); however, I did and was relaxed after this experience - Very Thankful for Breanna's working with me.  I am 73 and this was my first experience practicing yoga on the red rocks of Sedona, AZ - A Wow.
~ PJ, Norwich, NY

The selection of the vortex was fantastic. I felt that you selected the perfect vortex for me. The relaxing yoga session which I could enjoy the nature and magical view was one of the best yoga experience in my life.  Thank you so much for the wonderful session.  Your yoga session taught me that I really needed the power of the nature.
~ Guest from Tokyo Japan

Enjoyed the focus on the earth & surroundings.  Absolutely beautiful experience to share with my daughter.  Will definitely be back to share with my family.
~Shawna Eads, San Marcos, TX

I was happy to yoga such a nice place after hike.  Thank you for taking me there!  It was second time I did yoga outside.  The sky, air, stones and breathing taught me who I am, why I live.
~ Mika, San Jose, CA

Thank you so much! We had such a great yoga experience with you!!! So far, you r the best of yoga Sedona!
~ Jennifer Dee, New Jersey

Yoga by the creek was a great experience for me.  Sound of the creek and birds made me calm and relax.  It was worth coming from Japan.  Breanna was so nice.  Thank you.  I like to visit Sedona and take your yoga-hike again...

Breanna is the instructor who teaches from heart.  I enjoyed her great session with not only yoga technique but also her beautiful love.  What can I have more!  Breanna, thank you so much!!!
~ Yumiko, Tokyo Japan